Floral Tiger Carpet

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A beautiful carpet, designed by Lotus Arts de Vivre with inspiration from the spiritually  powerful ambushing Tigers and flowers motifs on the back, hand-made in Nepal. The  carpet is 30% Silk and 70% Wool.

Carpets like these are needed in colder climates to shield feet from the cold or allow to  sit on the floor in comfort. Tiger furs were the status symbols of the Tibetan mandarins  and with tiger furs running short, it was replaced with carpets. Tibetans use a slightly  different knot from the Persians, with carpets being hand knitted and use natural  colours – traditionally dyeing done in small batches upto 10 kg pots, which results in  slightly different shades from pot to pot, which gives Tibetan carpets such a lively look  and character. The tiger carpets have become famous around the world and old ones  were hunted by collectors - they are one of the many cultural stars of Tibet.

Throughout the Himalayas, where the climate is harsh, rugs are an important part of  life in palaces, monasteries and farmhouses and along the trails of pilgrims and  merchants. Once used as horse blankets, rugs now cover car seats too.

The carpet took over 3 months to finish.

Size: 55/70 (W) x 207 (L) cm.  

Weight: 3 kg.

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