Q&A With Jakrin von Bueren

Taking advantage of young von Buerens being back in Thailand for the summer, we have tasked one of our boys, Jakrin, a budding fashion photographer, to help frame some of our products through his lens and creativity. We are very pleased with the result and would like to offer some context to the photographer for the following works. Here's a quick and easy Q&A with Jakrin von Bueren: 

  1. How old are you now?
    22 years old.

  2. What’s up in your life right now? 
    I just finished studying Art School in London at UAL, where I graduated in Fashion Photography. Before COVID, I was based in SW London, freelancing and working at Spring Studios, assisting in photography commercials. During COVID, I have been back home in Bangkok, where I am continuing to work on projects.

  3. Tell us about this shoot for Lotus. Whose idea was it? 
    And I have been talking about doing a shoot for LADV since the summer, and as I have some time in Bangkok now, we were simply able to follow through on this idea.

  4. What do you like most about the Lotus brand? 
    Growing up with the brand, I've always enjoyed seeing the creations of LADV and how they work with natural materials, as I find nature, too, one of my many inspirations. I am lucky to have had the opportunity to travel and see many beautiful places. For this shoot, however, I wanted to envision the brand and its products in cinematic light. I used lighting to create different spectrums and moods. 

  5. What concept did you come up with for your photoshoot for Lotus? 
    For this shoot, I wanted to envision the brand and its products in cinematic light by using lighting to create different spectrums and moods. 

  6. Where did the shoot take place?

    We shot in a house that we use to rent out on the family compound. It is well-suited for the mood I was trying to capture. 

  7. What preparations did you make prior to the shoot?

    We built a set within the house. I borrowed a few props from my grandparents' home. 

  8. Were there any challenges or surprises with the shoot?

    Yes, of course, there were. This was my first commercial shoot for LADV and also, I have little experience with shooting jewelry, although I like jewelry. 

  9. Can you tell us about other shoots you've done?

    In London, I worked on a project for LN-CC, for the launch of Stone Island, their men's sportswear brand. I also worked for Liam Hodges and worked as an apprentice on the film set of Roman Polanski.

  10. What style of film/photography are you most drawn to? 

    I enjoy experimenting with different techniques, but I'm currently fixated on cinematic techniques. 

  11. What are your hobbies?

    Photography and music.

  12. What are your plans after graduating? 

    I hope to return to London after COVID to continue working and learning more... 


 Lotus Arts de Vivre


Jakrin von Bueren



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