Golconda and Keshi Pearl Cascade Earrings

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Exquisite pair of earrings, which begin with oval cut Golconda diamond, a gem of legendary purity and brilliance, set to catch the light with every movement. Suspended below is a pear cut Golconda diamonds, its teardrop silhouette reminiscent of a precious droplet poised to fall. The design cascades into a delicate keshi pearl, its unique shape and lustrous sheen adding a touch of understated opulence. The ensemble is further adorned with round brilliant cut diamonds, each meticulously placed to enhance the earrings’ radiance. Crafted in a blend of 10K and 18K gold, the earrings boast a silhouette that combines the structured brilliance of diamonds with the soft contours of pearls, creating a harmonious balance between form and fluidity. 

Keshi pearls, with their organic and often irregular shapes, are a captivating choice for jewelry designers seeking to create unique and avant-garde pieces. These pearls are formed without a nucleus, which gives them an exceptional luster and depth of color that rivals even natural pearls. Indian royals have historically had a profound appreciation for pearls, and while natural pearls were the most sought after, keshi pearls also found their place in the intricate designs of royal adornments. 

Golconda diamonds are treasured for their historical significance and exceptional craftsmanship. Originating from the legendary Golconda mines in India, these diamonds are known for their pure and colorless quality, often classified as Type IIa, which is chemically the purest form of diamond. Golconda diamonds often feature antique cuts, such as the oval and pear shapes. These cuts are characterized by their handcrafted nature, resulting in a unique, soft brilliance and a slightly asymmetrical appearance. The rarity of old Golconda diamonds stems from their limited supply. The Golconda mines were depleted by the early 18th century, making these diamonds exceedingly rare. Today, less than 2% of the world’s diamonds can be classified as Golconda, which speaks to their scarcity and the high esteem in which they are held by collectors and connoisseurs alike. 

Keshi Pearl drops: 17.39 g. / 2 pcs. 
Old Golconda Oval cut Diamonds: 0.84 ct. / 2 pcs. 
Old Golconda Pear cut Diamonds: 0.61 ct. / 2 pcs. 
Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds: 3.05 ct. (G-H color/VVS clarity) 

Dimension:6.54(L) x 2.01(W) x 0.97(D) cm.
Weight- 15.60 g.

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