Woven Lontar Tote Bag (Brown)

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An oriental inspired contemporary Tote bag, woven painstakingly by skilled artisans from Java, Indonesia, designed and commissioned by Lotus Arts de Vivre. The bag is crafted traditionally using leaves from the Lontar Palm, lined with Silk inside and the flexible handles coloured in Gold.

The Lontar bag is versatile in its uses, perfect for the farmers market, throw in towels for beach days, carry laptops and tablets for casual coffee meetings or an easy carryall for weekend road trips and weekday strolls.

As a material, Lontar palm, a tall fanning palm has been utilized for centuries across Indonesia for both it’s sustainable hardwood as well as it's sweet sap which is a source for palm wine and sugar. The palms leaves are traditionally used for weaving and thatching. The lontar leaf was used to inscribe the ancient Hindu and Buddhist texts, and in the manufacture of everyday items such as mats, bags and hats due to its sturdiness.

After having the Lontar woven, the handbag took 3-4 weeks to finish with 4 designers and craftsmen involved.

Dimension: 34(H) x 37(L) x 19(W) cm.
Weight: 833.40 g.

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