The Spiral Dancing Snake Earrings

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A Stunning pair of Snake Earrings hand crafted from polished black wood and rare hot Enamel work .Together with the natural shape of black wood, it is believed in many cultures to wear it as the protector to chase away the bad luck.

The enamel crafts in India are one of the most famous handmade enamel efforts in the world. It is requires exquisite expertise and material. The technique was introduced to Indian craftsmen from the court of Mogul emperor Akbar by European craftsmen influenced by and become established in several center in North India, such as Jaipur, Delhi, Lucknow, Benares and Sindh, each one developing its own styles and colors. In using enamel raw texture and the temperature, they must be accurate at the certain point in order to set perfectly on the bend 

Full cut Diamond : 0.648 ct.
Rose cut Diamond : 0.36 ct.
Dimension : 7.54x1.93x1.97 cm.
Weight : 24.51 g.

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